Challenge: After doing my portfolio inventory I realized that I didn't have any web design in my portfolio, which is a huge problem in 2017. A few months ago my sister asked me to design the identity and website for the childcare center she is opening in her home. The choice to do her website for this project was an obvious one because it gave me the opportunity to design a website, and the opportunity to create a design that was based around kids but also appealed to parents. The name for the center is Little Dragonflies and the color my sister asked to incorporate was purple. 

Solution: Working with dragonfly iconography and the color purple were added challenges to the challenge creating my very first website. However, I chose to use a color scheme that included purple and was playful, yet sophisticated. The site is an infinite scroll site in order to maximize responsiveness from desktop to mobile. The photo choices are meant to show the different equipment and toys that are used in order to help guide the learning and development process. 

See the final site here
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