Challenge: Produce two contrasting 11" x 17” versions of the original Bill of Rights. One must emphasize legibility, hierarchy, and function, this is the “Neat” version.

While the second one must push the limits of visual expression, this is the “On the Rocks” version. 

Both must convey the significance of the document through either grace and sophistication, or passion and excitement. 

Solution: For the “Neat” version my solution was to have justified type, which is broken up between the prelude and the first amendment for hierarchy. Hierarchy is also found in the bolded body text at the start of the separate articles. The words “Bill of Rights” are the biggest on the page and act as a header. There is plenty of white space on the left and right sides of the text. 

For the “On the Rocks” version the words “Bill of Rights” are featured in the center-right of the page and are in a bold slab-serif. All of the body text comes around the “Bill of Rights” to form nice clean lines around it. The text type is right aligned which creates a ragged left edge, which also features bold type for the article headings.

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