Challenge: Design a form/checklist of all potential portfolio pieces completed in previous coursework.  Pages are to be 8 1/2 x 11 and eventually bound as a portfolio-worthy book. Utilize one page per project and focus on information architecture, usability and functionality. Incorporate the findings of our brainstorm session into your checklist for assessment purposes. You must document at least 20 projects

Solution: For the Portfolio Inventory I wanted to use a color I haven’t worked with a lot and that’s how I came to use red. I didn’t want to use black with the red since red is already such a heavy color, that’s where the gray tone comes in. I decided to use dividers in order to add organization to the layout. The font used for all headers and sub-headers is Mr. Eaves Mod, and the font used for all the body copy is Baskerville. I went through several font changes but in the end this combination looked, and read the best.

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