Challenge: Design a 24x36” type dominated poster that provides a viewer with a sense of you and your passions. You must utilize two or more colors, as well as as two graphs/charts such as, fever charts, bar charts, pie charts, or a table.

The most challenging part about this project was the size, because at 24" x 36" this was the biggest I had ever worked. Often times everything looked the appropriate size on screen and then printed out absolutely huge. In order to make sure everything was the appropriate size, the infographic was often tile printed in black and white and then taped together. 

Solution: Once I had my topic, I had to start doing research. Majority of the research was finding facts and statistics about tattoos, and then finding the appropriate graphs and tables to represent the data. Since the statistical research took up most of my time, I didn't do a ton of visual research, which resulted in the infographic going through several major looks before I finally found a successful solution. My final poster ended up having a table chart, pie charts and a visual representation of tattoo placements. My colors were a bright and bold green, pink, and navy blue. 

In order to combat certain stereotypes about tattoos, the infographic was meant to have a strong feminine aesthetic. This can be found in the colors, the title, and the use of a female figure for visual representation. 

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